Which subject is right for slow learners to take after 10th?

After doing tenth, many questions start coming in the mind of the children, whether the child is a slow reader or a fast reader, the problem comes in front of all the children that which subject they have to take after tenth, which subject they should take later. The problem of subject choice comes a lot in the minds of children as soon as they do tenth as a career.

After doing tenth, more and more children want to study further, but there are some children who are not interested in studies, but they want to pursue their career by doing some courses, they have less interest in studies, due to which those children take such a course. By which they can make a good career ahead, there are such courses diploma courses, by which these children can make their career ahead. Diploma courses are of both government and non-government types, which are as follows.

Diploma course list are as follows

By selecting which slow learner children can also make their career further in different fields, according to the area in which the children are inclined, they have to select their post and then they have to move forward in the same field as now. If a child’s interest is in drawing, then he will do a diploma course in the same field, he will move forward in the same field, it is not necessary that we can progress only by studying, if any art is inside you, then you can go much further with that art.

First Diploma Course Fine Arts Children

whose classes in drawing have many such children, who are not interested in studies and have interest in extra-curricular activities like drawing or painting, then by doing diploma in fine arts, the child will be able to do this in this field. You can move ahead in this field by choosing which subject you can get a government job by doing bachelor and master courses, although after tenth there is a 5 year diploma course of fine arts and if you are very you are more creative then you understand this core is made only for you

The second diploma is engineering

children who want to become engineer two but they are very slow in studies, yet they want to become an engineer, for this they like a child is fond of electricity, a child is fond of doing mechanic, a child is designing A child is fond of doing computers, there are diploma courses for all these things, by which these children can fulfill all these dreams of you people, for whom arrangements have been made for polytechnic institutions, this institution is also government and non-government. Official are also

Every child’s dream is every parent’s dream, our child will either become an engineer or a doctor, getting an engineering course for a middle class from polytechnic will not be so expensive and the child’s dream will also be fulfilled After engineering from polytechnic, you will get your knowledge According to this, the child who was very into studies will definitely get a good job, that child becomes an engineer, it is not necessary that the child who is good only in studies will become an engineer doctor, if you have passion, then you will move forward in life. Can Whether that child is weak or very intelligent, you should be passionate about what you are doing, with perseverance and hard work, you will succeed in everything, you will leave everyone behind and one day you will become a very good person and earn a lot of money.

There are also different courses in engineering

They have been given different names according to the field, in which field the child is inclined, the child can do engineering, some engineering courses are as follows

Diploma in Fire Engineering

Diploma in Environmental Engineering

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Mining Engineering

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Diploma in Software Engineering

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

Diploma in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Course of Stenography Course of Stenography

There are many such institutes in the country that offer this course, as soon as it is done, opportunities for getting jobs in many other sectors along with education bank courts open up, whether it is government departments or private companies everywhere. Vacancies of related jobs keep coming out of these, which require stenographer recruitment, in such a situation, these courses are very beneficial.

Architecture course: Children who are more inclined towards physics and mathematics or their mind is very creative, in this course, how to make a building, which building should be designed, what should be the design of which room, what will be the design, its interior is made There is a map of a way, if we have to build a building, then which place will be good, this complete map is prepared.

Course of Business Administration: Children who are interested in commerce, who want a business line, should do an administration course, who have more interest in business, how to do business, how to run a business, after doing these courses, if you want, you can start your own business. Or you can also do a good job in some form like by doing BBA MBA course, you can also do a good job or you can also run a good business because we are taught to do business in this, how their How to manage, what to do, when to do it, all these things are told about it, this is studied in it

Apart from all this, there are other courses, after which the child can make his career further after 10th..

Diploma in Library and Information Science

  1. Diploma in Cyber ​​Security
  2. Diploma in Medical
  3. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  4. Diploma in Apparel Design
  5. Diploma in Agriculture Engineering
  6. Diploma in Architecture
  7. Diploma in Beauty Culture
  8. Diploma in Plastic Technology
  9. Diploma in Biotechnology

Diploma in Textile Technology

  1. Diploma in Production
  2. Diploma in Marine
  3. Diploma in Engineering Technology
  4. Diploma in Information Technology
  5. Diploma in Garment Technology
  6. Diploma in Printing Technology

Diploma in Tools Technology which we call Instrumentation

After 10th, these are only 3 years courses and they also get selected on campus.

After 10th, if you are having trouble in choosing your career, then you can get your counseling done by your career counselor, this will know in which field you are more inclined, then you can make your career further by taking courses accordingly. In the end, I would like to say that the course is not big or small, take whatever field you have to do, do it well and make your career, do not do any course or study under any pressure.

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