What things to keep in mind before wearing a watch? and Top 7 Reasonable and Stylish Watch Brands

Today we will talk about the number one accessories, which is the watch but many people do wrong with the watch, whether they wear it incorrectly or wear the wrong watch on the wrong occasion and the watch is an expensive accessories in which to invest every guy If it is not possible for the buy them, then inside this article we will tell you that what is the right way to avoid making any mistake while wearing the watch and the top 7 brands that we have brought for you to find the best watch inside India.

What things to keep in mind before wearing a watch?

Non-Dominant Hand: –

90% of people wear watch wrong, wear it in non-dominant hand watch means if you are righty then you wear watch in left hand if you are lefty then you wear watch in right hand because if you are righty and you wear your watch in your right hand then, if you do any work, then there are more chances of breaking your watch, that’s why you should always wear the watch in a non-dominant hand.

Correct Fit: –

And your fit is very important neither your watch should be too tight nor too much loose in your hands and you have to always wear your watch below your wrist bone and not above or next to it because it’s not giving a good look.

Metal Matching: –

Metal matching is very important, if there is silver or gold colour metal inside your watch, then the rest of your accessories will also be of the same colour and will not be in opposite colour.

Colour Matching: –

Colour matching is also important that means if you have a brown watch, then your belt, your shoes, your bag or any accessories that you are going to carry with your outfit that too in brownie shade, even if you are not able to get the exact same. will work but should be a bit similar to.

No Fake Brand: –

You didn’t wear a fake brand watch because it looks very useless and completely ruins your outfit.

Proportionate Wrist Size: –

You have to choose your watch according to your wrist size, if your wrist size is small or thin then you have to avoid the watch with big dial and if your wrist size is big then you should avoid it with small dial. If you want to do this, then before buying a watch, definitely know the size of your wrist.

We want your investment to be well placed, meaning you have to buy an Essential watch

What is Essential Watch?

  • Should Complement the Outfit.
  • Good Quality of the Band.

What are the types of Essential Watches?


Dress watch means you must have a brown and black plain watch, this is the best colour and best watch with a classy look, it will be suitable with most of your formal outfits, although it goes with every outfit but with formal outfits it will make you look good.

Metal watches: –

Metal watch means you must have silver watch and gold watch gold means not very shiny it will not be essential you must have watch in a gold (matte) because silver and gold watch look very good on occasion and you can also wear it in your office Can wear very nice and essential if you have essential watch then you can invest in these.

Smart Watches: –

Smart watches are also a very good option for you if you are very conscious about your health, you love to calculate every single thing like your workout, your calories intake, your blood pressure, your oxygen level, heart rate and many more things then you can invest in smart watch.

Chronograph watch: –

Now let’s talk about Chronograph Watches, it looks very classy, ​​you can wear it with both semi-formal and casual outfits, its detailing is very cute, it shows like this There are many watches inside it but basically, they sleep recorder inside it.

Top 7 Reasonable and Stylish Watch Brands: –


First is the Symbol brand which has brown wrist watch as well as silver watch in very classy and premium finish and at such a good rate, you will get watches in this brand very cheap and in very good quality then you will get that brand of this. and you should invest in brand.


There is a brand of Virat Kohli by the name WRONG which is a new brand and it is giving a premium finish that thing is black and brown watch. Gives premium feel but it is available at very reasonable price at both online and offline.


Sonata Everyone must have heard about this brand because it is a very old brand and it is back again. If you want sleek and cutest watch in black strap and golden dial then you can choose for Sonata brand watch and its budget is also very less.


If you like some thin watches, which have a little detail work on it, if you are looking for that thing in black, blue, red, brown, grey colours, it’s all classy pieces then you can get such watches with only one brand, its name is ROADSTER. The brand belongs to Hrithik Roshan and this is also a very good clothing brand as well.


If we talk about SEVEN brands then it is a bit expensive brand, in this you will be available watches from 900 to 1000 rupees but you get the luxury finish from it, it looks very strange if you put any kind of luxury watch in it. If you search, you will get to see the best watch, that’s why if you are a fan of luxury watch, then you must invest in the watch of this brand, your experience will be very good.


If you want that watch at the cheapest price, then the name comes first in the list of David Miller brand and it also provides you 1 year warranty as well, in this brand you will get to see very good watch collections if you like stylish If you want a watch that too in cheap prices, then you must invest in the watch of this brand.


Carlton London is a very good brand, just in this the price of your watches gets a little high, you will find a watch in the range from 1100 to 1500 but inside it you will get all those things like matte finish in thin strap and many more ways That if you want to do colour experiments, then you will also find many coloured watches inside it like Green, Blue, Black, Red, Gray, etc. if you want to experiment a little, then you can definitely choose this brand in your watch.

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