What certificates do we get after doing 10th and 12th

What is a provisional certificate, you must have heard its name, do you know where it is used, when it is available, in which class it is found, in which place it is found, how much value is it, is it available in money? Or you get it for free, your answer to all these things is as follows

Let us know what is provisional certificate, provisional certificate, which we call permanent certificate and run certificate, provisional certificate we speak in English

This is a special type of letter, it is used in the absence of the original certificate, like sometimes there is a delay in making the original certificate, then in its place this provisional certificate is given to you, which we also call work certificate. Like you have to take admission and the original certificate has not come yet, there is a delay in coming, then by showing the provisional certificate, you can take admission in the school after 10th for 11th

What is the time period of the certificate

certificate is made only for a few days, until our original certificate comes, we can use this certificate, at this time it is like 6month after the original certificate arrives. After its value expires, the provisional certificate is a temporary certificate which is created in the apps anti of the original certificate.

Where is the use of provisional certificate like if a child has to take admission in a new class then original certificate is needed

like the child has given 10th paper and he has to take admission in 11th then he needs original certificate but sometimes original certificate is needed If the certificate is not available but it is necessary to take admission, then in that condition the provisional certificate is made by the school, so that the child does not face any problem in taking admission in another school where the original certificate is required. There you can take admission by showing the provisional certificate

Provisional certificate is not only needed for children to take admission but it is also needed in job and other work.

How long can we use the provisional certificate for the maximum

Although its duration is very less, we can use it till our original certificate comes, we can use it for 6 months as long as our original certificate does not come

How do we download provisional certificate, how to remove it, whether we want to get a job somewhere or take admission in any college or take admission in any school, if we do not have the original certificate of the college of the school, then we use the provisional certificate By doing all this work can be completed by itself

In such a situation, people make provisional certificates in place of the original certificates, which are either made by the school or by the college or whatever institution from where we are studying, until we get our original certificate. Sometimes our work is so important that we do not have the original certificate, then in this condition we can complete our work by taking provisional certificate, we can take admission, we can get a job.

How to make a provisional certificate, where to get it, the first way is you can find out about the provisional certificate by visiting the official website If it is not possible, if you are not able to download, then there is another way for this which is like this.

The second way is the school, college or institution from which you have studied

now you can go there and talk to them, tell them whatever problem you have, you can apply to them for the provisional certificate, they will definitely make you that of the original certificate. Will work, your work should not stop in any condition, in the absence of original certificate, it should not happen that you may be deprived of taking admission in a good school, you may be deprived of taking admission in a good college or you may be left taking a good job.

Are there different provisional certificates for different studies

Different degrees have different provisional certificates, that’s exactly what you study. In return, different colleges have different provisional certificates for different degrees of different schools, you will see people everywhere

What are the details of the provisional certificate of class tenth, first what is your board, what is its ISO code, what is its certified organization.

1.If the child has to take a provisional certificate, first of all, what is the board of the school, what is its ISO code, what is its certified institution, it is important to know all these things because the provisional certificate has the details of these things at the top.

2.In the details of the child, first of all you have to tell that in the provisional certificate, the child is secondary or senior secondary certificate examination, in which of the two does the child belong.

3.In the second point, in which school the child studies, it will be mentioned.

4.what district is the school in

5.what is the roll number of the child

6.what is the name of the baby

7.what is the father mother name of the child

8.Details of numbers subject wise which will have full details

9.Finally, the date on which the Provisional Certificate is generated, Head of the Institution, Sign Name of the Institution, details of all these things will be at the bottom of the Provisional Certificate


All these things happen in a provisional certificate, you will definitely find all these things in a provisional certificate, whose details I have told you above.

For which documents are required to make a provisional certificate, you will have to give an application, photocopy of some documents, the class mark sheet of the class in which you have to self-attest and submit it to the school along with your application. Provisional certificate which we call work certificate or temporary certificate which we get from any education board from where we study, it is given in place of original certificate till we get original certificate Do not go during this time if we have to take admission in any other school, any other institution, any other college and we do not have original certificate, then you can take admission using this ie provisional certificate

Why is it called temporary or work, because it is made for a very short time, its duration is only for a few months, after the end of that period, the value of this provisional certificate expires, it does not remain valid.

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