Top 10 Hacks for Indian Boys to look Attractive Pro Max.

Today we will talk about you’re underestimating Indian genetics. Many People are spending money on our dusky complexion, Just the little dusky complexion, Black thick hair, the respect in our culture, the values, the intelligent Indian people. You will say I am taking the Indian side but it is not true.

In many surveys, it has been told that Indian men are the hottest It has been seen but it will only happen when you groom well and take yourself in the right direction.

How to take your looks to level 10

Shed your Whites: –

Hygiene is more important than the big bicep of a fancy phone I have told these many times but you can’t hide your face and it’s essential to maintain its hygiene the Indian people’s hairs are thick and black, dandruff, flakiness It will be visible straight away so, we have seen many times boys’ t-shirts The white flakes on black wear when body itches or eyebrows Or the white fleky inside or behind the ear That is what Malassezia It is a fungal infection Which is because of bad diet, No cleaning, Doesn’t correct sweat build up All these happen And it grows rapidly.

First of all, you don’t have to apply anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner on the face because Face skin is so sensitive and thin Take a towel, go to natural light Which will be visible well in natural light, gently scrub the white flaky part Beard, eyebrow, and behind the ear. When it has been removed well Dip cotton in a curd

Curd has anti-bacterial properties Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it to not let the skin dry or trigger You can apply beard oil or almond oil but if you have an acne problem Use a moisturizer.

Proportion: –

The fitness craze is going from here to there but 80% of the people are going in the wrong direction. First of all, you have to understand you don’t need veins and abs for a good personality even if you’re active and fit This means the stomach is not coming out That’s enough but 80% of the people going wrong Because they need a shortcut don’t want to do long hard work Why? Because they are only doing chest and bicep where are symmetry and proportion.

Burj Khalif from above and nothing down have you forgotten the roots of push-ups and squats in the Arena They used to stay fitter than us and the body also remains in symmetry if you can’t follow that then even according to girls It is the 3rd sexiest body part After your neck and eyes and that is your butt and thighs And it has so many benefits It keeps the testosterone level well Core strength and lower back remain fit And plus, there is stability in the body no joint pain How to grow your thighs first of all, don’t skip it do 2 times a week Increase the protein level Avoid skinny or black dark bottom Wear light bottoms or cargo pocketed bottoms to make it look bigger.

Indian Accessories: –

Accessories can take any dull outfit from 10 to 50 Indian accessories are excellent Because it will be cheap but made in India will give a modern twist what if it makes you sexy like our steel Kada An inspired version of Kada is Kada Bracelet which looks royal on hand and comes in in silver, gold, and matte black Moti and pearl are running for years The international street shirt trend going on Looks classy with a sweatshirt, closed neck, and Kurtis Looks classy short Kurta, Jaipuri Kurta Or any religious Kurta With denim and sneaker Or Kolhapur Beads Bracelet, beads necklace Or vintage rings from old time Sleek rings nowadays Thin Kolhapur Or inspired similar slippers It will go with everyone With Kurta set with Short Kurta with polo shirt as well Even with crew neck.

Baal Baal Bache: –

Girls have so many things to focus on Nails, hair, accessories, and so many. But Boys have limited things one of them is hair Because whenever focus goes on the face one thing is facial features which are gifted you can’t change it.

2nd is your hair

  • If you groom them well You can carry your face as well and you can look presentable
  • Now in this people face hair loss Someone is applying onion someone is applying a capsule but no permanent solution but either it is teenage hair loss or genetically hair loss There can’t be one solution to it. it’s like I have applied the shampoo, oil, conditioner, or a fruit product It won’t give the solution It’s a combination
  • Which will help you to regrow your hair now, what’s this combination? Lifestyle changes like diet change Add Ayurvedic herbs Dermatologists test your scalp Serum according to that Without any side effect or trust a medical expert don’t trust any random YouTuber.
  • During hair fall People search for the cause Which is hard Then they search for products within the budget Whether the remedy will suit or not so much confusion
  • If you also facing hair problems in your 20s and you’re not getting any solution
  • I have done a lot of research This online website takes your scalp test which is the full proof solution for hair loss It has medical experts as well and treatment is according to Ayurveda for example an Indian brand whose name is Traya go to the website Take your free scalp test Which are done by top medical experts and dermatologists And which is free What details do you have to fill in? what’s your dandruff type, hair type, male or female hair loss Plus how’s your diet and how’s your genetics After that upload your scalp picture Fill in all these details to get a 100% accurate result And safe as well.
  • After that, you will be treated as per the doctor’s prescription Whose successive rate is 93% And the company doesn’t say goodbye after selling Basically, for proper guidance to reach the results Because everyone has different hair problems A hair course will be dedicated which will coordinate with you on WhatsApp and call the best part is that it will be a budget solution Ayurveda and medical People who spent on black magic, mask, pills, capsule, and shampoo It is better to invest here your hair growth will be guaranteed with expert.

Traditional wear Every wear: –

Guy wants a unique personality but when traditional wear comes out only during Diwali and Worship and 95% of the time in a year, we wear western casual type

And tuxedo at weddings Even I had did mistake but if you want to look unique want to look different in the crowd You have to bring the confidence but you don’t need to buy separate confidence to wear traditional wear It looks comfortable Plus royal as well and do shop in a good way it is cheaper than Zara and H&M I have worn it Inside the office, outside the office, out of India, in weddings as well.

Nowadays new trends are going on printed and floral Everything, that’s cherry on the top but have to wear it in a decent way Don’t wear rubber slippers, sport shoe, thick chain if you want to wear with Kolhapur slipper Loafers for a modern twist White sneakers an average Indian height is 5.5 to 5.8 feet If you want to give a slight lift with Indian wear you can go for thick Kolhapur slippers Chelsea boot looks unique Gives a slight height and push and if you want to give a modern twist add inserts to your white sneakers and loafers.

Traditional Wear & Hairstyle: – 

The combination of traditional wear and hair is important Because traditional wear comes in the royal category Hair should be a compliment Messy and shabby don’t look good If you do the sharp hairstyle will look best and how it will be done?

  • Your beard should be set
  • Sides should be trim
  • and sharp hairstyle is very important


Wet look, pompadour, sleek back in fewer products or without products in short hairstyles then go for a buzz cut, shortness, or all these.

Change your Face Shape: –

Let me know in the comments Face structure comes with genetics and retaining water on the face All these capacities are genetically Face structure can’t be changed but face can be slim so that all styles can suit on your increase water intake and decrease salt and junk food in your diet If muscles remain at rest all the day no workout at all Bloating hits you faster so you have to do any type of sweating the calorie guide will go into deficit Do Asan for 15 minutes which will put little stress here the beard should be light from up Heavy from down The cut will be 1 inch down from the jawline So that your face look longer and chizzled.

Indian foods: –

Indian foods are very healthy and tasty But you have to avoid many foods before any important occasion Like the problem of ugly nails Whenever you eat Bhaji and Curry have turmeric which is very good But avoid such things before an important occasion otherwise, the yellow nails don’t clean even after hand washing Add lemon in lukewarm water to clean it Nails will get clean properly you have to avoid these foods for body smell and bad breath Union, garlic, sprouts, That’s the list If the body is light or smelly, dry out the body and apply rose water to the underarm and if there is bad breath then clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner add clove and cardamom and you’re sorted So guys that’s all about how Indian guy can level up their look.

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