If you also want your makeup to be good and you look good, then you can enhance the beauty of your makeup by following these few makeup tips.

Every girl wants to look so beautiful in herself, which is different. Makeup is liked by every girl.

We will be able to do this only when we know that wrong makeup will not lead to good makeup, due to which we will not be able to look beautiful, that is why we will discuss below what is the way to do makeup right Sometimes like we are going to a party function somewhere and we can go and we are short of time then in this condition we can do our makeup at home but then when we know how to do makeup in some ways These are the types that you can look very beautiful by adopting Which staff should we follow while doing makeup, what things should be used so that we can look very good wow beautiful after doing makeup…

  1. Before doing makeup, first of all we clean our skin with moisturizer, for which we can use face mist serum lotion or cream.
  2. In the second state, we should use a primer, after using a moisturizer, we should use a primer, it is very good for our skin, by applying primer, your makeup will last longer and you will last longer. Look Beautiful Applying foundation becomes even easier after using a primer. Using a primer helps your makeup look longer In the third step, we use foundation. Foundation is the basis of makeup, that why we have to take care of the color of our skin while choosing the foundation, accordingly you will choose the foundation, according to your skin, we will choose the foundation.
  3. If we want to use foundation, we can also use it with our fingers, although most of the time, brushes and sponges are also used, for applying foundation, to get a better look, you can use application brush or beauty blender only.
  4. In the fourth step, we use the concealer, we use the concealer to hide the scars and wrinkles on the face, which are mostly around you, it is also used to tone the skin. Should be used in cheeks, under the eyes, above the eyebrows.
  5. In the fifth step, we use foundation powder, the juice of foundation powder comes from which you apply foundation powder all over the face, foundation powder should always be applied lightly, for this use a brush. Must keep in mind that you should buy foundation powder accordingly.
  6. In the sixth step, you should use bronzer, using this your face looks fresh and attractive, no matter how hot your makeup does not melt, it remains as you did makeup, mostly using two sets of browsers Should be mostly darker than the color of your face but bronzer should not be used on the entire face, it should be used mostly on the forehead, nose and a little to make the face looks clear.
  7. In the seventh step, we should use the blush, to apply the blusher on the face, first, take a small amount of brush and apply it on the face with light hands, always a light layer should be applied if you feel that the quantity is light. Apply it again, you can see its effect by smiling once, after that you can increase or decrease your quantity.
  8. Highlighter should be used in the eighth step Highlighter mostly we use on our nose forehead, it is a kind of powder, it highlights the main parts of your face, it does college work in the face, it promotes beautiful look in the eyes Therefore, highlighter should be used above the eyes and also on the eyelids, after that highlighter should be used in the roundness of the cheeks, after this highlighter should be used on your forehead and a little
  9. In the ninth step, we should use eyeshadow, you can apply eyeshadow according to your choice, according to the clothes, different colors are available in the market, nowadays there are also glowing eyeshadows available which you can take from the market. your face completely changes the get up of your face if you use eyeshadow during day then you should use light color but if you are doing makeup for evening party then we should use green copper color eyeshadow. If you want, we can also use purple color Color can also be used on the eyes, we can also use Simmer Eyeshadow with the help of our finger.
  1. In the tenth step, we use eye liner, it is available in different colors in the market, most of the eye liner in makeup, whether it is liner, liquid liner or it can also be pencil liner.
  2. In the 11th step we use mascara we apply in our iris which makes our eyes look more beautiful There are different types of mascara available in the market but black and brown colored mascara is the most popular after applying mascara If we have to do sex by doing us eyelashes, then we have to do it, if we want, we can also apply mascara on the water line under our eyes.
  3. In the 12th step, we use lip glass, to eliminate dead skin from the lips, we use lip glass, it acts as a conditioner for our lips, even if we can also use lip balm on our lips, first of all We make the outline of our lips, then fill the lipstick inside, we should always keep the lipstick in the fridge, by doing this lipstick will stay on the lips for a long time.
  4. The last step of makeup is setting spray and setting powder. Using this, the makeup can stay. On your face for a long time, there is no need to rub after applying it because it dries in a few Seconds whatever makeup you have done by applying…. By using all the steps, you can get a beautiful look if you know the right way to do makeup then you can look beautiful but if you do wrong makeup then you will not look good that. why one should know the right way of makeup for a good people for this you should know all. the steps of makeup, using which you can look beautiful. Beauty is a very important thing for a woman. Nowadays there is a lot of makeup idea, every girl wants to look beautiful, for which you should know how to do makeup.

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