How to plan Delhi to Haridwar trip in a budget? (Complete information)

Haridwar is the main pilgrimage site of India, where bathing in the river Ganges washes away all the sins, it is believed that one who bathes here attains heaven. In this article I will give complete information about Haridwar, when to go, how much will it cost to visit Haridwar, how to go. This article will work as a guide whenever you plan a trip to Haridwar.

Every year lakhs of devotees come to Haridwar to take a dip in the Ganges and wash away their sins. The Ganges River emerges from Gangotri and comes first through the mountains to the plains of Haridwar.

What are the ways to reach Haridwar?

Haridwar can come by trains, bus and flight. If you want to come by train, then there is a railway station in Haridwar.

You can come to Haridwar by taking a train there, if there is no direct train from your city to Haridwar, then you can first come to Delhi and there You can take a train to Haridwar from Haridwar railway station. The distance of Har ki Pauri is 3 kilometres, which you can decide by auto or e-rickshaw.

If you want to come by bus to Haridwar, so from Delhi and other nearby cities you will get a direct bus to Haridwar from which you can reach Haridwar. The distance from Delhi to Haridwar is 237 kms and it takes 4:00 to 4:30 hours to reach Haridwar by Delhi to Haridwar bus. The fair will be 250 to 320 rupees.

If you want to come by air, then the nearest airport is Dehradun airport, where you can come with a flight, the distance from Dehradun airport to Haridwar is 42 kilometres, which you can decide by bus or taxi.

If you want to come by self then you will get parking near Chanda Ghat and Har Ki Pauri Ghat in which four-wheeler will cost ₹100 for 24 hours and two-wheeler will cost ₹50 for 24 hours.

Where should go first after coming to Haridwar?

After reaching Haridwar, first of all you should go to Har Ki Pauri which is a ghat, it is believed that drops of nectar had fallen in Har Ki Pauri and bathing here washes away all the sins, here you take a bath and many more ghats in Haridwar. You will be able to see there, you can spend time even there in the evening Ganga Aarti is also done here, you must also see the timing of Aarti from 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning and 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening.

Where to stay in Haridwar?

If you talk about staying in Haridwar, you will find Dharamshala and Ashram here in Haridwar, whose price will start from 500 to ₹ 2000. If you have to go for aarti in the morning or evening, then reach your real. If you should stay in the hotel, then you will also get the hotel near the railway station and bus stand. Average hotel you will get in the range of 600 to fifteen ₹ 1500.

You will also find a lot of food and drink hobbies near Har Ki Pauri, there you can have lunch and dinner and there is a market there too, you can roam and shop there too.

Which are the most famous temples in Haridwar and how to reach there?

  • After that you go to Mansa Devi Temple and Chanda Devi Temple in Haridwar. Mansa Devi and Chanda Devi Temples are located on top of the mountain as far as you can go by ropeway. From Har Ki Pauri you can go by ropeway to E-rickshaw to reach Mansa Devi. The ticket costs you ₹ 140 and further you have to travel half way by auto and half way by ropeway till Chanda Devi temple, in which your money of auto and further to reach Chanda Mata temple by ropeway costs ₹ 220.
  • You can take the composite ticket of your capacity card and it costs ₹ 360 and it includes ticket to Mansa Devi Temple and onwards from Mansa Devi Temple to Chanda Devi Mandir Point and beyond then ropeway to Chanda Devi Temple and back. By the way, you will reach Mansa Devi temple in 5 to 7 minutes, visit the temple and after that you can go to Chanda Devi temple located on Neel Par vat will leave point 10 of Mata Mandir and will leave from there.
  • Go to Shanti Kunj which is a spiritual centre, here courses of music, yoga and other things are done which are absolutely free of cost, the students of these courses stay here, food and drink are absolutely free. The purpose of Shanti Kunj is for humanity. working and here you can take social and spiritual knowledge.
  • You can also visit Gayatri Mata Temple and Akhund Jyoti here, after that you go to Bharat Mata Mandir, which is a very popular temple, Bharat Mata Mandir of Haridwar is a seven-storey temple built to pay tribute to the revolutionaries of India. The temple is dedicated, it is not allowed for Mother India to carry a camera inside the temples in Haridwar.
  • So, you have to look closer here and you will get to see many more temples in Haridwar, you must also see them and in the evening, you must go to see the aarti of Ganga ji at Har Ki Pauri, which will take a very good experience to see the aarti. You reach Har Ki Pauri a little before the time of Aarti. because there is a lot of crowd at the time of Aarti and if you lie down, you will not be able to see the gratitude well, if you reach Haridwar early in the morning from 8:00 to 9:00, then you can report all this place in a day.

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