How to check my Exam result online

It is the age of technology, everything has become online, let’s talk about how we see the result online, today I will tell you how to see the result online from your phone because if we do not know how to see the result then we will make a small We waste 50 to ₹ 100 by going out for something, even though we have the phone with us, yet if we do not have knowledge about it, then we are not able to see our results online.

How do we get our result

whether it is the result of a university, whether it is the result of board paper or the result of any competition, we will talk about how we will see all these results, you do not have to do much, I will tell you some steps by following them. You can easily check your result

How to get the result of the board, first in this type we can see our result by going to india, you have to first open the chrome browser of your mobile phone, then you have to open google inside it, now you have to get India result in google. India

In the second you have to choose your state, from which state we have given the paper, the state in which we live, you have given the paper from that state, then you will choose that state to see the result if you are giving the paper from any other state. so you will enter any other state name if i live in delhi and am giving paper from uttar pradesh then i will put name of uttar pradesh board because i have given paper from UP board

After this, we will choose our school board, as soon as you choose the state, the name of that board will appear in front of the same state, now as I have selected Uttar Pradesh, the name of the UP board will appear in front of Uttar Pradesh, I will select it then we will go to the UP board. will click

In the next step, you have to select your exam, for which class we want to see the result, you have to click on the result of that class for example Board of School Education Uttar Pradesh then you have to click on it

In the next step you will enter your roll number, this step is last, in this you have to enter your roll number, if you do not remember your roll number then you can also type your roll number by looking at your admit card and then you click After that click on the search button, your result will come..

What are the things we should have while looking at all results,

first of all, we should know the class of which we want to see the result.

Second, the name of your board and state should be known, the name of the person who has given the paper should be known.

You must have your admit card with you while giving the result

You should know about the college or university you study in which you have to see the result.

Before seeing the result of competitive exam, we should check which organization is organizing that exam because the same organization will declare your result.

We should keep in mind that while giving the result on any website, if that website is asking for money, then it should be left at that time.

The result should be seen on the right website only so that there is no doubt in our result.

Result Date At this time you should check the website URL properly so that there is no problem in seeing the result, that’s why we should go to the India result website which is trustworthy

In short, I would like to tell once more that how do we see the result of our board paper, in the first step we go to, in the second step choose your state, in the third step you have to choose your school board, in the next step you will get your exam After that you will check the result by taking your roll number, go to the CBSE Result website

What precautions should a parent take after the result of the child, whatever the result of the child, should never be scolded, rather it should be explained that it does not matter son, next time work hard and bring good results to other children’s own children. Don’t compare it because it lowers the morale of the children, keep the atmosphere of the house normal even if the result is bad, rather he should be explained that it doesn’t matter, next time work hard and bring good results.

Children should never be put under pressure regarding the result, whatever result has come, they should be happy in it and they should be persuaded to work harder and bring good results.

Whenever you get a bad result, do not think about what your relatives will say or what your neighbors will say, you have to see your child, explain to him what someone is saying, because you know very well that everyone in the school child is not a topper

In the end, I would like to say that no matter what the result is, never scold your children, but should be explained with love, because you may forget more in anger and then the children take some wrong steps, that is why after the results come, the children should take care of themselves. Save them with love, explain to them, whatever the result is, it is okay.

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