Every Parents & Teachers Should now, What changes happen in adolescence Age

First of all know what is adolescence. Adolescence is between 13 to 18 years, it is the stage in which the child becomes fully mature, he starts doing all kinds of tangible and intangible thoughts, this is the system in which children develop The feeling of love develops at a rapid rate

Adolescence comes after childhood, in which the child does not like to be alone at all, often finds his friends so that he can share his things, put a stop on the parents, the teacher’s explanation, everything seems very bad in this stage, more and more time in this stage Children like to be with their friends like to share their things with them and more and more attention is towards their love which we call Attraction.

In this stage, the development of the students takes place at a very fast pace, this is the system in which the student progresses towards maturity. In this stage, the development of girls happens at a faster rate than the boys. Development is at its peak, this stage is the stage of improving the deterioration of the students.

Basic Changes happens in adolescence are as follows, it means to say what changes can come in the life of children

  1. Emotional development of children takes place at a rapid pace in this stage, in this stage the child follows a loved one, it starts to incorporate his good and bad within himself. Due to which they try to bring changes in their eating habits and clothes.
  2. This stage is the most difficult period of children’s life, in which children either become or become spoiled, in this stage the speed of development is more for girls than boys and more
  3. Most of the changes happen in this stage, in this stage, there is a feeling of conflict, tension, pressure in the mental state of the children.
  4. At this stage the child has more sense of social service, likes to work for the society more, at this time he starts taking more interest in social work, living among people, talking to them, working for the society, living in the society, all these things In this state, they like very much, they also like to do so.
  5. In this stage, the child is thinking of reasoning, being apart, living with more friends, not telling your problems to your parents too quickly, not discussing with your teacher, just looking for a friend with whom they can share all their feelings, all these feelings in this stage He only comes, he looks for a friend from whom he can share all his happiness and everything.
  6. In this stage, the child likes to do his own arbitrariness, stop him, dacoit parents, explain to the teacher, all this feels very bad, he only wants to do what comes in his mind whether it is good or bad, all the time they dream of their dreams. I remain in what she has to wear, what to eat, where to go, how to live, that all the things keep going on in her mind.
  7. This stage is the stage of attraction, in this stage, children often like to talk about love, make friends, like all these things, like to be with friends who talk like this, wear nice, find good food, all these things are very much It is nice to see yourself again and again and listen to your praise, they like all these things very much in this state
  8. In this stage, children develop in every way, this development takes place in every way, such as physical, mental, intellectual, social and cultural
  9. In this stage, development is much faster than the rest of the stage and childhood, this development happens in every way, mental, intellectual, physical, social and cultural

Changes can happen in adolescence in different ways, these changes are as follows

The first change is physical development. At this stage, the physical changes of children come, like in boys, their voice becomes heavy, their beard comes, physical changes start coming in their age, girls start getting periods, their hip bones widen. These changes begin at the age of 12 to 17 years in boys and 11 to 16 years of age in girls.

The second change is their mental development. In this stage, the development of intelligence happens very fast. Children’s power of thinking becomes very fast, they develop very fast, their way of eating, drinking, living, walking, finding a way to sleep. The way of everything starts changing. Every child’s mental development takes place in a different way. Not everyone’s mental development is the same, it depends on how the child’s behavior is, how the child is living in the environment, it all depends on him. does the child accordingly. There is a mental development of the child, in the environment in which he lives, he learns more things.

The third change is his social development, at this stage, children mostly like to be with children of their age, like to share their every time with them, they find an environment that they like, they like to make friends like they were themselves. They like to talk like they think, parents very rarely like children in this stage, they like to stop them, they feel very bad to explain anything to them.

In this stage, the child likes to hear his praise from the child, he cannot listen to the evil at all, the more friendly you are with him, he will listen to you and the more you talk with anger, he will not agree to that thing at all, but you are the best of them. become great enemies

In this stage, the child likes to see himself again and again, wear good clothes, eat good food, live in a good environment, talk good, change his style of walking, all these changes also come in this stage, the way he speaks, after that the way of checking All this also changes, in this stage, children like to talk only what they like, they also like such people who talk to them, listen to them and say yes to such people. At this stage, children like what they yes i got yes and appreciate their words.

Change is emotional development, in this stage, the physical sexual development of the child occurs, due to which problems of his mental health emerge, he feels himself insecure, even today in Indian society, we do not share our problems with our parents. They keep asking for money but they are unable to tell their parents like girls get menstrual sickness but they are afraid of their parents to wish this disease, girls play many psychiatric games in adolescence our education. The system is such that it does not give any education related to which stage, so that children are deprived of the changes in this stage and they like to live suffocated, especially they worry about business success. What to do next, what to make a career, what to study, what to do, all these things are not known

In this stage, the tendency of guilt is very strong, the child thinks most of the wrong things, but if we want a parent, then by becoming a friend, we can prevent that wrong from happening, in this stage, a parent like friends, everything to his child. The child should be told that he should share everything so that he can tell everything to the parents so that the wrong feeling is coming, even if he is doing something wrong, the child will come on the right path.

New interest develops in this stage, the child learns new things, tries to do new things, till the age of 15, there is a constant change in adolescents, after that their interest comes mostly listening to the radio, listening to singing, playing Doing Yoga Reading Attraction Magazine takes more interest in all these things

How can we avoid the mistakes that occur in adolescence, some points are as follows,

By adopting which we can reduce the mistakes from the children of adolescence, we can prevent them

As a parent, in this stage we should treat our children very lovingly, keep a friendly nature so that your child can share everything with you whether he does wrong, even if he does it, you just have to explain, don’t scold, don’t kill The more love you talk to, the more you will tell you that whatever mistake has to be made, if that mistake is not made by him, so parents would like to tell all of you that in this situation, the more friendly nature you will keep with your child, the more everything will be good baby you Will share everything with you, will tell myself so that if I do not want to do anything wrong, then do not make that mistake

As a teacher, at this stage, a teacher should listen to your students, discuss them, never go to their mistakes, but explain with love so that that mistake does not go ahead, even if a mistake is made, explain it to them very lovingly. Whether it is about studies, about career or whatever, as much as you explain with love, those children will understand better and will not allow any mistake, I am also a teacher, but in the capacity of a teacher, would you like to speak for the teacher as well as his students should be explained with a lot of love and should never be said that you cannot do what a child cannot do, all you can do is need your love to explain to you the right path, a child is like a clay If you want, make it a good thing or else spoil it like soil, if a teacher wants, where can a child reach the child, the child needs your love to show the right path, behave like a friendship that he Will definitely walk on the right path Will go on the right path



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