A teacher has a huge contribution in the life of his student, do you know What that contribution is?

What role does a teacher play in a child life?

A teacher has a very important role in the life of a child, a teacher works as a teacher in a child life, and this knowledge is very useful to those who cannot read and write, a teacher is very important in our life. Which works to give us knowledge and due to this we are able to move forward in our life. The teacher builds a civilized society, in the life of a child, apart from his parents, only a teacher is the one who takes him forward. There are faces who provide knowledge related to every subject to the children, if the student goes astray, then the teacher takes him to the right path with his knowledge. Teachers make a person a skilled citizen, it is the light that fills everyone& life, the teacher is the light of knowledge like a candle, it takes those people out of the darkness towards the light. makes up the teacher enhances the self-confidence of the children, due to this education, self-confidence is communicated in the person, due to which he wants to do something in his life. There is a strong force with which we can lead the society towards positive change. The teacher guides the students, at every difficult point in life, when we go astray, some person plays his role as a teacher. At an early age, the child& life is like wet clay, then education is like a potter. The form of education gives a strong shape in the hands like a clay, you can make anything by giving it any lion, in the same way a child is like a clay and a potter was killed like a potter to a teacher. Any good thing by giving it shape Similarly, by showing the right path to his children, the teacher can explain the right thing and lead him towards a good path. Just as we cannot live without breath, without a teacher we are incomplete without a teacher, if we do not have a teacher, then he will be unable to get education. Teachers teach us the lesson of discipline in life. Success in life is to make us aware of time, only teachers teach us Teachers teach human beings to differentiate between good and bad, they teach to keep students away from unrighteousness, violence, hatred, bad habits, teachers, teach reverence, tolerance, to overcome the struggles of life, it teaches us the lesson of discipline in our lives. also build society Teacher prepares students for the future Lawyer becomes a pilot, a match, etc. If there is no teacher, then this position will not be possible for any person. Teachers teach a person to differentiate between good and bad. The teacher always has to follow his duty, because of his education, he comes from an educated class and society the teacher always has to follow his duty, because of his education, he comes from an educated class and society. Students grow up and never forget their teacher. The bond of teacher and student is unbreakable, this bond is of society& respect and trust. The teacher is considered to be the ocean of knowledge, the contribution of the teacher in shaping the future of the children is incomparable, if not the teacher, not only the progress of the country, but the teachers devote their whole life to the development of the children; the students always respect them. From the light that leads children from the path of darkness to knowledge A teacher tells us the essence of life in our life, shows us how to get knowledge, how to use this knowledge, Makes a child’s future

How is a teacher important to a student and what does it do?

A teacher can go to any extent to increase the knowledge of his students, in the life of a child, a teacher works to give knowledge and this knowledge is very useful to those who are unable to read and write, the pain of praying is enough. We can understand well, so a teacher is very important in our life who works to give us knowledge and due to this we are able to move forward in our life For any person to be successful in his life, a teacher has a big hand i.e. teachers have a very important role in our life, a teacher is the one who teaches us the art of living our life, what is right, what is right It gives its correct identity but shows it right Teachers are those who selflessly give their service in making the life of their children their dedicated work cannot be compared to any other reason teachers are the ones who take care of all their students their eating habits cleanliness Examines the level of behavior and studies and concentration of others He thinks about the well being of his students all the time No teacher is ever bad, it is only their method of teaching which is different from each other and different image is formed in the mind of the students. Teachers only want to see their students happy and successful. Does not have patience and increases it according to every student Teacher he is sent on earth by God to choose right path in life as well as enable him to take right decision in whole situation Teachers lead the children from their childhood and make them mentally, social and intellectual make teachers are like some normal person who is among us but they listen to a different task of teaching for their students they always think only for the well being of their students Teacher is a priceless gift from God for us. A teacher is like God because God is the creator of the whole universe whereas a teacher is considered to be the creator of a nation. Teachers are considered to be very prestigious people in the society. By changing the life of common people through magic, they take the responsibility of raising their mind level. Parents expect too much from a teacher for their children. The role of a teacher is from the classroom to the playground and every single student. For the teacher is a very important person in everyone's life, who seems to be doing different tasks in our life In the end, I would like to say this that the teacher always thinks only good about his children, about the future of the children, a good teacher always motivates his disciple to move forward, we should always respect our guru and in the true sense Guru can be respected only when we follow the path shown by him, being a teacher is a very difficult task and salute to all the teachers who played an important role in my life..

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